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Welcome to AyurWiki, the Ayurveda Medicine Wiki

Ayurveda Medicine has a history reputed to be over 5,000 years dating back from the original Vedas (ancient Indian Texts), with recorded texts dating back to 1,000BC which continue to be studied by Ayurveda students today.

This is a resource that focuses on Herbology from an Ayurvedic framework and related Ayurveda principles of wellbeing. It is a useful for anyone studying or practicing Ayurvedic Medicine. Over time, we hope to be able to include valid research or links to modern research on the herbs listed, as well as including indigenous plants with indications of the possible Ayurvedic qualities of these plants.

This Wiki is open to anyone who would like to contribute and has the required skills and knowledge. If you feel like contributing then send me a message via the <a href="/contact">Contact form.</a>

Currently we are in the early stage of site development. We are endevouring to get on-line the foundations of the Ayurveda framework necessary to be able to understand the way that herbs are understood by an Ayurveda practitioner. Herbs in Ayurveda are not simply a set of chemical properties but rather a complete individuality that has a personality, tendencies and qualities, which make up its nature. Come to know the plant, or substance and learn to understand the qualities of the plant.

Wiki Index

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Embelia ribes (Myrsubaceae)[edit]

<a href="http://www.natureloveyou.sg/Plants-E.html"><img src="http://www.natureloveyou.sg/Embelia%20ribes.jpg" alt="Embelia ribes" width="150" height="125" align="left" title="Embelia ribes"></a>

It is vata and kapha suppressant. It is a wonderful herb in worms infestation. It has the anti bacterial and antiprotozoal properties. It is widely used in skin related ailments due to its cooling effects. It strengthens the nervous system and also improves the brain functioning. It normalizes the digestive activities. It helps in purifying the blood. It is also helpful in urine related problems. It strengthens all the tissues of the body.

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